Bob LeMoine – Author

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Al Blanche – Pitcher for the 1935-36 Boston Braves/Bees

Al Mattern – A good but unlucky pitcher for the awful Boston Braves 1908-1912

Art Doll – Pitched four games in the major leagues for the 1936 & 1938 Boston Bees

Art Wilson – A 14-year backup catcher 1908-1921 on three pennant-winners with the NY Giants

Beans Reardon – The “last of the cussin’ umpires” 1926-1949

Bill Fischer – Spent nearly 70 years in the game as a player, coach, manager and scout

Bill Hart – An infielder with Brooklyn during the war years, 1943-1945

Bill Merritt – A backup catcher in the 1890s who won a pennant with Boston in 1893

Bill Perkins – A catcher in the Negro Leagues from 1928-1948

Bill Swift – A pitcher for Seattle, San Francisco and Colorado, 1985-1998

Bobby Robinson – Outfielder in the Negro Leagues 1939-1948

Buck O’Neil – Legendary Negro Leagues player, coach and ambassador for those who never had a chance because of skin color

Charley Pride – The country music legend who started out in the Negro Leagues

Cozy Dolan – Journeyman outfielder 1895-1906 who tragically died during spring training

Dickie Thon – Courageous shortstop 1979-1993 who came back after a beaning which left him partially blind

Ed Moriarty – Infielder with the Boston Braves/Bees 1935-1936 Ed Rowen 19th century infielder who won a pennant with Philadelphia in 1883

Ernie Whitt – Steady catcher from 1976-1991, during Toronto’s first glory years

Foghorn Bradley – Pitched 22 games for the 1876 Boston Red Stockings, the first year of the National League

Frank Whitney – Outfielder for the 1876 Boston Red Stockings, the first year of the National League

Fred Hoey – First regular Red Sox and Braves radio play-by-play announcer 1920s-1930s

Guy Morrison – Pitcher for the 1927-1928 Boston Braves

Jake Stephens – Slick fielding shortstop in the Negro Leagues 1921-1937

Jerry McMorris – Owner of the Colorado Rockies in the franchise’s early years

Jimmy Wilkes – Speedy outfielder for Newark of the Negro Leagues in the 1940s

Joe Coscarart – Infielder with the Boston Braves/Bees 1935-1936

Johnnie Tyler – Outfielder with the Boston Braves 1934-1935

Judge Emil Fuchs – Owner of the Boston Braves 1923-1935

Jug Thesenga – Cup of coffee with the Washington Senators in 1944

Julio Valdéz – Infielder with the Boston Red Sox in the early 1980s

Larry Corcoran – Star pitcher with Chicago in the 1880s

Lew Brown – Catcher in the 1870s and 80s.

Mark Clark – Well-traveled pitcher in the 1990s

Mike Corcoran – Pitched one game for his brother’s team in 1884

Mike Macfarlane – Trustworthy catcher during the 1990s

Ned Martin – Red Sox broadcaster, 1961-1992

Pat Dodson – Backup first baseman for Boston in the 1980s

Pete Van Wieren – Announcer for the Atlanta Braves, 1976-2008

Ray and Joan Kroc – Owners of the San Diego Padres 1974-1990

Rob Woodward – Pitcher for Boston in the mid-1980s

Sam Wright Jr. – Brother of George & Harry Wright who never saw their success

Samuel Williams – Negro Leagues pitcher, 1947-1948

Sparrow McCaffrey – Had one major league at-bat in 1889

Tim McGinley – Scored the first run in NL history in 1876

Tom Baird – Executive with the Kansas City Monarchs, 1920-1956

Tom Ragland – Infielder in the 1970s